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Bendigo Regional Archives Centre (BRAC) is a joint partnership between the City of Greater Bendigo, the Public Record Office of Victoria (PROV) and the Goldfields Library Corporation. BRAC is a Class A Place of Deposit (POD) and is qualified to care for permanent public records as specified in the Victorian Public Records Act 1973

BRAC aims to collect, protect and share the history of central and northern Victoria and is committed to:

  • Retaining and caring for public and community records in their place of  origin.

  • Connecting individuals and communities in the region to their cultural heritage through engagement, promotion and access

  • Providing a sustainable and collaborative hub for research of documentary heritage in the region

The BRAC reading room and on-site repository, which houses half a kilometre of frequent-use records, are located at Bendigo Library. A large, purpose-built, off site repository houses the majority of the BRAC collection and is maintained by skilled staff. We suggest researchers make contact with BRAC prior to their visit so we can ensure all required items are onsite and ready for access. 

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