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Catalogued Collection

In this section you will find a full listing of all the holdings in BRAC’s collection which can be ordered through PROV’s catalogue.

You can also find a full, searchable listing on the PROV website HERE or use the Bendigo Reading Room-specific search function HERE.

Simply click on each Series Title in the table to go to the PROV site where you can order the record or read a short description of the agency that created it, its purpose and contents.


For some of our more regularly accessed records, we have more detailed Guides available that gives examples of contents, descriptions of geographic coverage, and how to navigate the records for your research:


Collection Guide – Rate Books

Collection Guide – Council Correspondence

To go directly to a record set within PROV's catalogue to order, you must COPY the link from the table below and PASTE into a new browser page. Clicking PROV links will take you to a generic search page rather than the specific archives you're looking to order.

For more information on ordering and accessing records, visit the Access page.

For a quick step-by-step Guide on ordering through the PROV catalogue HERE.

NB: Links to some court records are within Find My Past which requires a subscription or to be using a device connected to library Wi-Fi.


Indexes Available 

Indexes for Download

Bendigo Receiving Ward Index

City of Sandhurst Inward Correspondence 1855-1899 Index

City of Sandhurst Petition Signatories Index

City of Bendigo Building Registers 1926-1969 Simple Index

City of Bendigo Permit Applications Index

To view a petition, order the City of Sandhurst Inward Correspondence packet covering the date of the petition via the PROV catalogue.

Indexes to View Online

City of Sandhurst Rate Books 1856-1899

Borough of Eaglehawk Rate Books 1864-1899

        This index is in the Library DataBase Search program on the Bendigo Library           Family History Computer 1 (Upstairs)

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