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Langston Street


10 - 30 October 2019


Think your quiet little road has always been that way? Think again! Langston Street in Fifteen Objects takes one of Bendigo’s normal, sleepy streets and exposes its secrets through artifacts connected to the fascinating people and events there since the 1860s – and shows you how to do the same for your own locale.


Just north of Bendigo’s CBD, Langston Street is barely 500m in length but has been home to hundreds of ordinary people with remarkable stories. The Exhibition explores what impact they had on Bendigo, Victoria – sometimes, the world – as well as reminding us that no place or person in history is insignificant!


Each of the fifteen objects on display is accompanied by a narrative explaining its connection to a Langston Street resident, with more detailed stories featuring on the Bendigo Regional Archives Centre (BRAC) website, where visitors can also find out how they can use resources in the BRAC holdings to bring the secret history of their own street to life.

Download the Exhibition Catalogue

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