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PROV & NAA Resources

Public Records Office Victoria (PROV) provides many guides on the use of public records that are in both the BRAC and broader PROV collection online, at North Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat. Click HERE to download a step-by-step Guide to ordering through the PROV catalogue or HERE to watch a short tutorial video.

National Archives of Australia (NAA) also provide advice on using their collection of public records (federal government agencies) for various types of research.

The following are a variety of detailed booklets and general search guides by topic:

Personal Histories

Adoptions & Wardship

Wills & Probate

Inquests & Coronial Paper

Passenger Records & Immigration


Health & Welfare

Justice, Crime & the Law

First Australians

Koorie Records Unit

Finding Your Mob: Researching Aboriginal Family History with Victorian Archives

Finding Your Story: Resource Manual to the Records of Stolen Generations in Victoria

Walata Tyamateetj: A Guide to Government Records about Aboriginal People in Victoria

Bringing Them Home Resource Fact Sheet

Land & Property

Lands Guide: Researching Records of Crown Land in Victoria

Historic Homes: Researching Historic Homes Through Public Records

Researching Land & Property

Pastoral Runs

Soldier Settlement Scheme

Public Works Department Plans

Community Based Organisations

Managing Your Collection: Help for Community Groups Caring For & Providing Access to Records

Popular Research Topics

Rate Records

Researching Your House

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